A few years ago, in a restaurant along the motorway, an older man was having a quiet conversation with a man about 25 years younger. People sitting nearby could clearly hear the older man giving his companion valuable advice. It so happens they were talking about health and getting older. At this point in the conversation, the older man said, “Take good care of your feet. You only get two of them.”

These words still ring true today especially as winter is upon us. We hate to show our feet and keep them wrapped up from the blistering cold. But we tend not to pamper them as much compared to summer when we like to show them off in their full glory. Very wrong. Winter is the time you should be showing your feet more TLC, as this is when they are more prone to dehydration resulting in ugly cracked heels and blistered toes.

The words seemed a bit odd, when hear out of context. People should take care of their bodies, because it’s all they get. About 30 minutes later, the two men finished and got up to leave. The older man obviously struggled to walk to the door, favouring one leg over the other.

Winter can be a hard time for your feet, because of the low temperatures and damp conditions. So Snugtoes have summarised in six handy tips the best ways of looking after your feet throughout the winter, so they are nice, plump and healthy in preparation for those summer open toed sandals.


The first important tip involves the sturdy pair of shoes just mentioned. Footwear should fit correctly the day you buy them. Boots and shoes should not be tight because proper blood circulation is essential in cold weather. You want your shoes or boots to be snug yet comfortable. This will give your feet the protection and support you need, and provide good circulation.

Soak in warm water. Fill a tub with warm water and some mild soap. A small amount of sea salt or Epsom salts can also provide some benefit. Soak your feet for about 20 minutes then dry them gently with a cotton towel. To remove flaking skin, use a pumice stone – gently.

Glycerine can help keep the skin on your feet soft and can help prevent cracking. A mixture of rose water and glycerine rubbed on the feet before going to bed is a great idea. It may help to wear a comfortable pair of socks to bed, right after you apply the mixture.

Wear good boots, as mentioned before, but you may want to use quality foot powder inside your socks to keep them from getting too sweaty. Damp feet get chilled more easily. If you don’t use powder you may be inviting bacterial infection. Extra foot baths after being outside with boots on is generally a good idea.


Foot massage is not just for comfort! After washing your feet in warm water, use coconut oil or olive oil to massage your feet for about 10 minutes. This will help with dry skin and will also promote good blood circulation.

Natural foods can be a great idea as well. Mix two tablespoons of brown sugar, a tablespoon of honey, some olive oil and lemon juice to make a paste. Soak your feet for 10 minutes then rub the paste on.

An extra tip is moisturising cream. According to the podiatrists at Hattclinic the single best thing you can do for your feet is to give them a good moisturising with a good quality foot cream. It has to be with a specialist foot cream and not an ordinary cream as the soles of the feet are very tough that normal face creams wont be up to the job. If you can look for a urea based cream as they are best for replacing lost moisture.

Here’s to good foot health.

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