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Ideal Home Show Christmas 2018

The simpler, safer alternative to microwavable slippers, wheat bags and plug-in feet warmers

Warm up freezing cold and painful feet with a cosy pair of SnugToes, the super snuggly slippers with handy removable heat pads. Pop the heat pads in the microwave, slip them in the slipper tops and enjoy that warm sunny feeling. You’ll have toasty toes in no time at all.

No need to put your slippers in the microwave, no need to plug them into an electric socket or connect them to a USB port, no need for hot water bottles or thick wooly socks either. SnugToes heated slippers keep things simple, safe and sound. Hey, you can even walk around in them, which is even better for the circulation!

For women, for men and kids too, for anyone who wants nice warm feet there’s SnugToes.

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Important note: People with diabetes should check with their doctor before wearing SnugToes

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  • Look no further  SnugToes slippers make the PERFECT gift
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