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degradable materials

Comfort for feet while caring for the planet.

You’re passionate about sustainable living. You’re conscious about what you put into landfill. You want to look good and feel great, without harming the planet.

We hear you!

That’s why at SnugToes we’ve created a sustainable range of slippers for the eco-conscious, earth-friendly slipper-wearer.

Slippers are an essential everyday item. And while most of us own many pairs of shoes, we only own one pair of slippers at a time. And they get a LOT of wear.

We all want our slippers to be comfortable, look good, and last. But realistically we get through far too many pairs per year, which then end up in landfill.

Binta - Women's sustainable slippers by Snugtoes
Itele - Men's sustainable slippers by Snugtoes

With SnugToes, you can enjoy smug toes!

We’ve crafted our specialist sustainable slippers from carefully selected materials that are natural and degradable, or man-made but recyclable, to reduce our impact on landfill.

And thanks to high quality manufacturing, our products are built to last, making them better for the pocket as well as the planet.

When you buy our sustainable slippers, you’ll not only look good, but get to feel good about your choice. That’s right, with SnugToes, you can have smug toes!

What are you waiting for?

  • Stylish designs
  • Neutral, on trend colours
  • Natural materials
  • Naturally biodegradable materials
  • High quality and made to last
  • Sturdy, anti-slip soles
  • Good structure and support

Stylish, sustainable slippers are only a click away.