Taking the humble slipper, and injecting it with cutting edge thinking and design.

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Taking the humble slipper, and injecting it with cutting edge thinking and design.

Hello, I’m Simi, an IT Consultant, innovator, inventor, and the entrepreneur behind SnugToes.

My story started with cold feet.

My cold feet, to be precise, brought on by Raynaud’s syndrome. This medical condition means that stress, anxiety, and cold temperatures can cause blood vessels to go into temporary spasm, blocking the supply of blood, and therefore warmth to the extremities. It results in numbness, pain, and a horrible inability to warm up.

My research revealed that not only does this condition affect millions of people across the globe, but many other conditions also cause cold feet.

Even more surprising is the number of people without any particular diagnosis who find cold feet in the winter or on stone floors immensely annoying and uncomfortable.

I consider myself a problem solver, so I was determined not to be defeated. I tried lots of products, none of which I found easy to use or very effective, finally resorting to balancing hot water bottles on top of my feet. This was not exactly the most convenient solution for a busy, active mum.

My eureka moment came when I realised we needed an easy way to bring sustainable heated warmth into the slippers themselves. And so the heat pad concept was born, developed, and now welcomed with open arms (or feet) by many fellow cold feet sufferers.

Once I solved the cold feet problem, I started to think about an even bigger problem.

The impact of our lifestyles and the products we buy on the planet.

I thought, if I’m pushing boundaries and making strides in the slipper market, why not offer more eco-friendly alternatives as well?

I’m proud that I’ve elevated the humble slipper to heated and sustainable SnugToes, giving you the chance to experience warm, snuggly, happy, eco-friendly feet

Simi Sokan
Simi Sokan

SnugToes offer proven relief to sufferers of

Chilblains Raynaud’s syndrome Peripheral neuropathy Diabetes (check with your doctor before using) Lupus Anaemia Thyroid disease No diagnosed medical condition, but cold feet you just can’t warm up