SnugToes are luxurious, easy to wear, heatable, indoor slippers that are comfortable and (snug) on the feet. It only takes 4 simple steps to makes your feet toasty warm. These cosy slippers have a discrete pocket at the top where you place the microwavable pad. They are made for men, women and children and are available in different sizes.

The originator of SnugToes, Simi Sokan, is an IT consultant and a mother of two boys from London. For over 20 years she has suffered from Raynaud’s syndrome. This is a condition that affects the blood supply to certain parts of the body, particularly in the fingers and toes. It is generally triggered by cold temperatures, anxiety or stress, causing the blood vessels to go into a temporary spasm blocking the flow of blood. Though not a serious threat to ones heath, its painful and can cause numbness, making everyday tasks very difficult. This common condition affects up to ten million people in the UK.

Despite being on medication the inventor still suffered extremely cold hands and feet. The only relief that she observed that worked for her was when she put a hot water bottle on top of her indoor slippers. This discovery started her thinking of ways she could integrate the heat from the water bottle into the slippers whilst still being able to move around. And thus SnugToes heated slippers was born. After numerous trial and error and great persistence she was able to invent a microwavable pad that was inserted into the top of the slipper providing heat and warmth for up to 3 hours.

SnugToes are a warm cosy alternative to the inferior cumbersome USB Ports and inefficient wheaty bags products currently on the market. It has proven to be massively successful with people suffering other conditions such as diabetes, lupus, anaemia, thyroid disease to name but a few. Equally the general public has given glowing testimonials about its effectiveness against the cold winter nights. Thus it is not only aimed at people who suffer from various medical conditions but also those who simply want to keep their feet warm cosy and toasty.

Winter is approaching and what a better way to show you care then to send this as a gift to a loved one.