For women, for men and kids too, warm feet in no time at all

Cold feet are unfortunately a common complaint and they just aren’t funny, we know from personal experience.  They can be really uncomfortable, painful even.  And they’re not just down to the chilly weather.

Poor circulation and conditions such as chilblains, Raynaud’s syndrome and peripheral neuropathy, can all cause cold feet.  Keeping the feet snuggly and warm with SnugToes heatable slippers can really help.

And unlike the others, SnugToes slippers don’t go in the microwave, you don’t need to plug them into the mains or a USB port, and they don’t use wheat bags either.

How to use your SnugToes heatable slippers

They’re simple, safe and easy to use, you’ll have toasty feet in no time at all:

  • Step 1: Remove the heat pads from the slippers
  • Step 2: Pop them in the microwave (for 10 seconds, then additional 5 seconds bursts until the desired temperature is reached at 600-750W rating).
    Or pop them in a pan of just-boiled water for 4 minutes
  • Step 3: Replace the heat pads in the slippers
  • Step 4: Put the slippers on and enjoy the soothing warmth

The heat pads will warm your feet for up to 3 hours. Put them back in the microwave whenever you want. What’s more, since they nestle in the slipper tops, you’re free to walk around in your SnugToes – which is even better for circulation.

SnugToes details:
  • Plush polar fleece uppers
  • Snuggly polar fleece inners
  • Removable heat pads in top pocket
  • Gently elasticated back for better heat retention
  • Non-slip soft rubber sole
  • Colours: cream and light-brown for the ladies, navy blue for the men
  • Sizes: small, medium and large, ladies and men

Important note: People with diabetes should check with their doctor before wearing SnugToes


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