More than a slipper

Finally, a solution to painful, uncomfortable, cold feet that’s affordable and works.

If you suffer from a medical condition, poor circulation, or just inexplicably cold feet, you’ll know that cold feet aren’t just uncomfortable. They can be painful, numb, totally distracting, and interfere with sleep and your general wellbeing.

Thanks to our unique heated slippers, you no longer need to suffer.

  • You can enjoy constant warmth and cosiness.
  • You can glide painlessly around cold floors.
  • You can experience relief from chilblains and other painful foot conditions.

SnugToes are cosy, snug slippers which are accompanied by removable heat pads which once heated and inserted supply hours of warmth.

Maybe you’ve tried other similar products. But they’ve been ineffective, a hassle, expensive, and short-lived.

Getting snug and toasty toes is as easy as 1,2,3

Snug Toes Heated Slippers Product Range

Next generation, functionality-led design

SnugToes are such a snugalicious solution because;

  • They are elasticated to fit snugly around the foot, so they keep your foot encapsulated in warmth, without air coming in or out
  • The heat pads are easily removable and easily heated in a microwave or in hot water
  • The heat pads supply hours of warmth, for days and evenings of comfort
  • The slippers are machine washable and designed to last
  • The slippers come in a range of colours and looks, for women and men
  • They offer a luxury experience, without the luxury price tag
  • The heat pads are safe to use, with no risk of burning
  • The slippers, by themselves even without the heat pads are soft, warm, well-fitted, and cosy
  • The slippers are non-slip and well-structured for safe wear
Snug Toes Heated Slippers Product Range

SnugToes offer proven relief to sufferers of

Chilblains Raynaud’s syndrome Peripheral neuropathy Diabetes (check with your doctor before using) Lupus Anaemia Thyroid disease No diagnosed medical condition, but cold feet you just can’t warm up

Feel good, look good

SnugToes product specification

  • Plush polar fleece uppers
  • Snuggly polar fleece inners
  • Removable heat pads in top pocket
  • Gently elasticated back for better heat retention
  • Non-slip soft rubber sole
  • Range of colours available
  • Sizes: 3-8 for ladies , 7-12 for men

Warm, snug feet are only a click away.

What are you waiting for?